Indians selecting Canada for immigration

A lot of visa aspirants are going to Canada instead of the US. There is a surge of applicants including job seekers going to Canada.

There has been an increase in the number of immigrants who are choosing Canada. In 2018, 3, 03,257 immigrants went to Canada. There has been an increase in this number in 2019 and its like to increase even more.

Indians looking for jobs in Canada

There is an increase in immigrants who are choosing Canada to get foreign degrees also. The reasons why Indians are substituting Canada over the US is because its fee rate is 30-40% less than the US visa rate. And Canada also allows a post-graduation work permit, depending on what is the duration of the course. However, this visa is available for 3 years. There has also been an increase in the number of Indians searching for a job in Canada. They have been looking for it through online websites. On the same websites, there has been a decline in the number of Indians looking for a job in the US. This has happened due to the negative environment in the US about immigrants. Canada wants to get more immigrants into the country because it believes that they can increase its productivity. Apart from that, the population of Canada is reaching the end of working age, due to which more working-age people are needed.

Why are Indians getting lured by Canada?

Since someone can work on this visa for such a long time, they become eligible for the Canadian Experience class PR visa. Canada had a lot of permanent residents coming here in 2018 and a large majority of such residents consisted of Indians. The large surge in the study visas to Canada is because of the anti-Indian incidents happening off-campus which have been responsible for a reduction in the popularity of these campuses. In 2018, 92,231 immigrants came to Canada, out of which Indians constituted the largest percentage(43%). In 2017, also, the largest number of immigrants coming to Canada was from India. India sent 65,500 immigrants to Canada this year, out of which 40% were Indians. So, it is clear, that India is getting a large number of Canada study and immigration visas.

Immigration made easier for STEM-based workers

Immigration to Canada is also easier for those who have STEM-based degrees. These kinds of candidates are required in Canada for the IT industry there. Canada also has launched a scheme for such visa aspirants. They can get the visa approved within two weeks due to which they can move there quite easily. An LMIA is approved for such workers within 2 weeks. In the budget of 2019, it was declared that GTS aims to get 40,000 workers from this scheme. There has been a hike in the number of immigrants coming to Canada and 75% consist of Canadian’s population includes immigrants.

The immigration levels could be increased from 3.30 lakhs in 2019 to a massive 3.50 in 2021. So, Canada has the most amazing immigration plans now.


Greece starts 1-year working holiday visa for Australians

Have you as an Australian ever wanted to go to Greece and work there? Then your dreams are about to come true. A bilateral agreement has now been signed for the working holiday visa between both the countries. So, a Greek working holiday visa will be implemented for Australians from 1st July, 2019.

There are a limited number of seats that have been allotted to the working holiday visa program. Now, 43 countries are a part of the working holiday program. There are only 500 applicants from Australia who will be chosen for this visa to Greece. Initially, this visa will be given for 12 months. The age prescribed for this visa is between 18 and 30 years. You can also pursue a course in Greece during this period, the duration of which cant be more than 4 months. A visa aspirant for the Greek Working Holiday visa must have pursued atleast 24 months of college studies.  There are restrictions on work as far as this visa is concerned which implies that, the candidate cant work for more than 360 days with a single employer. You will be entitled to apply for this visa once you get the letter of support from the Central Secretariat of the Greek government. You have 30 days to apply for this visa after getting this letter.

The candidates will be chosen and the required invitations sent to them two times in a year. This visa will have its seats open from 1st July to 30th June of every year. So, right now, this the correct time for you to apply. Australians also need to know a certain level of English to be eligible for this program.

Opportunities present in Greece

English Teacher

Greece has many employment opportunities available here. You can teach English to young children. Apart from that, you can also live in a countryside hotel during your Greek sojourn. You will be mentoring students in getting a better English level by holding conversations with them. You can explore the idyllic rural side of Greece in this program. However, a TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language ) certification is required to provide such training. This certification requires 200 hours of training. You can also work as a technical manager in Greece.


You can also work as a receptionist. This is an excellent job which improves your communication skills. The job involves sending responses to the client’s emails and phone calls. The salary is also decent for this job equal to 500 Euros. You also get accommodation and food.


Greece also has job opportunities for cooks who can cook meals. You can also work as a waitress to get funds for your working holiday. However, you need to know English for you to be hired for this job.

Jobs are also present as a maintenance worker for hotels. Since Greece has a vast tourism sector, a lot of hotels are present here and it’s easy to find jobs.


Canada removes two occupations from its Global Talent Occupations List

Canada has made changes to its Global Talent occupations list. If you have experience in any one of the occupations in this list and a job offer, you can get the LMIA in two weeks. However,two of the occupations have been taking away from this list. These occupations are as follows:

  • (Architecture and Science managers)NOC 0212
  • (Engineering managers)NOC 0211

The removal of these occupations shows that there is not much demand in Canada for them anymore.

However, if the candidate is putting up applications, till August 4th, 2019 for any of these profiles, they will be taken. However, any applications which will be put up after this date will not be accepted.

The Global Talent Stream was started in 2017 for two years only. However, in March 2019, it was made a lasting scheme. This scheme is the fastest way to get technical workers into Canada, those workers who have a STEM background. 24,000 workers have come into Canada through this stream since 2017 when it was started. An employer needs to provide the selected candidate with a job offer to select him/her for this stream. This stream is an excellent opportunity for technical workers to move to Canada.

Apart from taking LMIA for the concerned worker, the concerned employer also needs to submit the Labor Market Benefits Plan. This plan refers to showcasing how hiring someone from outside Canada will benefit the Canadian economy. There are benefits such as more generation of jobs after hiring a worker from abroad. All these are complimentary benefits and include increasing the knowledge base of the Canadian workers. Since an IT worker is hired from abroad, it could also include improving the practices adopted at the workplace. So, there must be a submission of a labor market benefits plan highlighting all these benefits.

Duties to be carried out as part of a Labor market benefits plan(LMBP)

So, many activities have to be carried out by such employers for providing these benefits which are as follows:

  • Growth in Canadian employers who are working with the concerned employer.
  • Having internship facilities at the firm for more Canadians.
  • Implementing policies to make sure underrepresented groups such as women are hired by the employer
  • Giving training to Canadians through industry-level events
  • Make sure that the Indian workers can control Canadian workers so that there is knowledge imparted to Canadian workers.
  • Making sure that there is an increase in revenue at the firm which hires non-Canadian workers

There are also stringent conditions for employers who have hired Canadian workers. Employers who have hired workers from abroad have to undergo Progress Reviews. So, these progress reviews help in knowing how hiring labor from abroad is affecting the labor market of Canada. The indigenous labor of Canada must be affected in a positive way from non-Canadian labor.

An employer has to provide benefits that are a part of the Labor Market Benefits Plan even if in the long term an employee hired from abroad gets the PR of Canada.


51% hike in Indians going to the US since 2017

Ever since President Trump modified the rules for the H1B visa, a lot of Indians are now interested in going to Canada instead of the US.

Last year, 39,500 Indians got the PR of Canada. This is a huge hike (51%) in the number of Indians who got the PR of Canada since the year 2017. These numbers are 46% of the total invites issued as per Express Entry. The immigrants are moving to Canada because Mr. Trump has made rules which are leading to a higher number of rejections in the H1B visa cases. Even there is a proposed change as per which the right to work of the spouses of the H1B visa holders will be taken away.

Many Indians are therefore using Express Entry to move to Canada now. Canada also has the Global Talent stream as per which eligible holders of technical qualifications can get an LMIA within 15 days if an employer selects them for doing a job in Canada.

This is not the case with the US H1B visa. This study visa has been facing a reduced demand because the US has made getting the H1B visa tougher. The same has been happening with the US F1 visa also.

Express Entry allows candidates to easily get the PR of Canada after he/she has the designated Express Entry score. The score right now is a bit on the higher side at 462.

A decline in Chinese admissions happening to the US

Chinese students made a huge contribution to the US economy in terms of student fees, absolutely 13 billion USD. However, as per NAFSA: Association of international educators there has been such a decline in this figure. The US Universities such as Stanford and Yale have said that the ongoing trade fight between both the countries has led to a low admission of Chinese students. In fact, since the last year, there has been a 2% decrease in the number of Chinese students going to the US. The Chinese students also face increased scrutiny and are worried about visa renewals of study visas, which has prompted them to opt for countries in Australia, Europe, and Canada.

American universities are losing a lot of students because of the strife between India and China. Chinese parents are quite eager to send their wards abroad for studies. Due to the ongoing tussle between China and India, Chinese students are now opting for the UK and European universities. There has been a lot of violence in the US that Chinese authorities have warned their students not to go to this country. Those living in small Chinese cities are not happy with the situation in the US including gun violence and feel that the US is not a peaceful nation to pursue studies. Dorothy  Mae who is a college consultant in the city of Beijing commented that “US universities will see fewer students from China for several years.”

President Trump on his part said in the G20 summit said that Chinese students would face the same treatment as other students. He has also suggested that “smart person’s waiver” which will allow the brightest minds from China to get permanent residency.