51% hike in Indians going to the US since 2017

Ever since President Trump modified the rules for the H1B visa, a lot of Indians are now interested in going to Canada instead of the US.

Last year, 39,500 Indians got the PR of Canada. This is a huge hike (51%) in the number of Indians who got the PR of Canada since the year 2017. These numbers are 46% of the total invites issued as per Express Entry. The immigrants are moving to Canada because Mr. Trump has made rules which are leading to a higher number of rejections in the H1B visa cases. Even there is a proposed change as per which the right to work of the spouses of the H1B visa holders will be taken away.

Many Indians are therefore using Express Entry to move to Canada now. Canada also has the Global Talent stream as per which eligible holders of technical qualifications can get an LMIA within 15 days if an employer selects them for doing a job in Canada.

This is not the case with the US H1B visa. This study visa has been facing a reduced demand because the US has made getting the H1B visa tougher. The same has been happening with the US F1 visa also.

Express Entry allows candidates to easily get the PR of Canada after he/she has the designated Express Entry score. The score right now is a bit on the higher side at 462.

A decline in Chinese admissions happening to the US

Chinese students made a huge contribution to the US economy in terms of student fees, absolutely 13 billion USD. However, as per NAFSA: Association of international educators there has been such a decline in this figure. The US Universities such as Stanford and Yale have said that the ongoing trade fight between both the countries has led to a low admission of Chinese students. In fact, since the last year, there has been a 2% decrease in the number of Chinese students going to the US. The Chinese students also face increased scrutiny and are worried about visa renewals of study visas, which has prompted them to opt for countries in Australia, Europe, and Canada.

American universities are losing a lot of students because of the strife between India and China. Chinese parents are quite eager to send their wards abroad for studies. Due to the ongoing tussle between China and India, Chinese students are now opting for the UK and European universities. There has been a lot of violence in the US that Chinese authorities have warned their students not to go to this country. Those living in small Chinese cities are not happy with the situation in the US including gun violence and feel that the US is not a peaceful nation to pursue studies. Dorothy  Mae who is a college consultant in the city of Beijing commented that “US universities will see fewer students from China for several years.”

President Trump on his part said in the G20 summit said that Chinese students would face the same treatment as other students. He has also suggested that “smart person’s waiver” which will allow the brightest minds from China to get permanent residency.

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